Beginners and non-pros, western riding and reining

Nettie offers private lessons, on your own horse. One hour lessons are $50.

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 Training... Yearlings, 2 years, 3 years and older


     Horses are my life and my passion. Whatever we ask of them, horses try so hard to give. The problem lies in people being unable to communicate in a way that the horse can understand. We must be willing to break things down into a systematic level that makes sense to the horse, and thus opens the lines of communication.

Monthly Board and Training Available

Outside board $315

Inside board $475

Training $450

If you have special
training needs, call for additional information.

     The horse makes training very simple for us if we can make it simple for them. The minute we try to complicate the situation with gadgets and fear, we lose the line of communication and the horse can no longer hear us.

     My philosophy is to provide the horse with a clear solid foundation, and each day building on that foundation. At the end of day the horse is relaxed and confident; the next day we will build off that confidence. As training progresses and you need to step back, you will have a solid foundation to step back to.

     Each horse is treated as an individual. Just as people learn in different ways, so do horses. I find that when we get frustrated and in a hurry, we forget what we are looking for and the horse ends up getting the raw end of the deal; you don't want to end a training session that leaves you both sweaty and frustrated. I try to eliminate the confusion by feeling for the horse in every instance.

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